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VENTURA / Foreman is a Design and Manufacturing studio in South East London, specialising the in sewn utility products, set up by Robert Gibson & Sophie Foreman.
After both working as designers in the fashion industry with the limitless possibilities of research and development we began looking for a simpler holistic approach to clothing and accessory design. Instead of acting as middlemen between manufacturers, retailers and consumers we wanted to play a part in as much of the supply chain as possible.
Starting at the beginning, we built the studio itself, with the idea that every decision, process and experience, from the numerous visits to industrial estates and hardware stores to the size of the studio and type of sewing machinery we filled it with, all playing a part in informing the type of product we make and its aesthetic without the need for a seasonal moodboard.
After a lot of very hard work the studio is now up and running to bring you simple, non-seasonal sewn utility products manufactured here in London.